Locating advanced technologies for investment

Following an initial presentation of the investment possibilities in technology companies, an in-depth identification process is conducted relating to the maturity stages of the venture or the technology company, the company’s estimated value, the desired share of ownership by the client, and an assessment of the feasibility of the venture’s success prior to the sale stage.


Focusing on technological uniqueness and the ability to address a need in the global market

This process is aimed to make the technological solution located more accessible to the client in order to enable decision-making process and examine the suitability for the investor. The process is tailored to the client and does not require any prior background, experience or education in the technology in question and in its applications.


Specialization in community, society and environmental conservation

Locating, accompanying and adapting impact investments in business models, as well as possibilities for philanthropic contribution while providing professional control tools used by many organizations.


Agreements in family law, family contract and assistance in planning the various aspects involved in an inter-generational transfer

Reichman Wealth Management is Family Office that aims to assist in stabilizing the family business by establishing a set of agreements that support the business goals. The process involves family members working in the organization as well as those who do not take part in the family business. Legal regulation in the aspects of family law is adapted in a sensitive manner to all members of the family who are active in different levels in the business. The process provide the opportunity to combine family harmony with business success.


Professional legal support in the high-tech, commercial and economic fields

Lawyers who have vast experience in the field and deal on a regular bases with legal issues in the high-tech and commercial aspects support the process of examining investment in advanced technology. The Legal Department places emphasis on providing a sense of security, as much as possible, at all stages of the process, as this process is characterized by uncertainty and common issues relating to the fields of venture capital. The calculated risk is analyzed in depth together with the client in order to select the best possibility for the client and to adjust the decisions and considerations to each client.


Investments in capital and real estate market

The firm works in cooperation with qualified experts in the field of private banking, capital and real estate markets, and is prepared to accompany the clients in a variety of investment fields, which constitute a single unit for the client.

The spectrum of experts is coordinated as needed with the client in order to offer a complete professional response.


Management assistance, accompaniment in negotiations and decision-making processes

Reichman Wealth Management staff and the team of expert gathered for each client work together and accompany the client, according to his or her request, on all stages of inquiry and decision-making, and examine the stability of the investment target (Due Diligence).

The assistance continues after the investment, in controlling and monitoring the progress and promoting the investment target in order to maximize its success.

A representative from Reichman Wealth Management will closely monitor the technological development of the investment target through representation on the board of directors and in any other way available, and will assist the investor in formulating the strategy, if necessary, required to increase the chances of success.

Writing and documenting the family heritage, the story of the family business, publishing personal insights relating to crises and successes in life

Documentation of personal and family stories. We conduct extensive research, provide writing services and produce the personal and/or family story. We help realize the personal dream and desire to share with the family, friends and sometimes the public in Israel and the world, the challenging path of the family.

The narrative documentation will family members, close friends and others to get to know the family heritage and its fascinating story – a story that can serve as an inspiration and a role model to each one of the readers.