Dr. Dov Reichman

Served in the past 20 years in senior management positions, including CEO of technology companies and marketing manager of an international company. During the past decade, he has specialized in high-tech investments, consulting start-ups and companies in the traditional industry, and he provides consultation services to international collaboration in the field of innovation. In addition, he is a consultant to the Ministry of Industry and Trade and a director of private and public companies.

Dr. Reichman is a lecturer on entrepreneurship and innovation in Israel and abroad, including, among others, at the Hebrew University (in the Executive Innovation & Entrepreneurship program of the School of Business Administration) and lectured at the Volcani Center, the Faculty of Agriculture, the Engineers Association and the Samsung Research Center in Seoul.

He has served as a mentor at Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centers and Accelerators, at the Hebrew University, the Lev Institute, and the Interdisciplinary Center. In addition, he lectures and accompanies programs for young entrepreneurs.

  • He holds a doctorate in chemistry from the Hebrew University.
  • Graduate of the course for directors at Tel Aviv University’s School of Business Administration.
  • In addition, he is Business and organizational / management coach.
  • Author of the book “Our Start-Up”.
  • He is an IDF major (res.), and in the past was a commander in an elite IDF unit.
Dr. Dov Reichman

Ohad Phillip

Ohad Phillip is involved in high-tech and FinTech (Financial Technologies), both in it commercial and corporate aspects and in commercial litigation processes. He represents and consults start-up and venture capital firms, represents clients in commercial agreements in various fields in Israel and abroad, including issuing financial licenses, developing business partnerships, accompanying the creation and maintenance of corporate governance and compliance procedures, mergers and acquisitions and labour law.

Ohad Philip is a partner in Zioni, Pillersdorf, Phillip law firm.

In the past, Phillip worked in the Economic Department of the Tel Aviv District Court and at the Fisher, Bachar, Chen, Well, Orion & Co. law firm.

He serves as the co-chair of the C.P.C NPO (Children Playing Chess), which promotes excellence and competence among children from the geographic and economic periphery in Israel through the chess game.

He holds a master’s degree in business majoring in finance (MBA) from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and a bachelor’s degree in law and economics (LLB, BA) from Tel Aviv University.

Phillip is a member of the Israel Bar Association since 2009.

Ohad Phillip

Irit Reichman

Irit Reichman has been specializing in family and inheritance law for over 25 years, and in recent years, she also engages in all aspects of family businesses. She is the founder and owner of a law firm – Irit Reichman & Co. acting from an office in Beit HaShenhav in Jerusalem and an office in the Platinum Tower in Tel Aviv.

The firm’s attorneys appear in court on a permanent basis in all legal cases. The firm takes care of claims in family courts throughout the country, in rabbinical courts, in district courts and in the Supreme Court.  Irit Reichman is highly skilled in handling complex family issues and managing multi-property legal proceedings.

Irit Reichman lectures to large bodies in the Israeli economy, including Bank Hapoalim and Discount Bank, the Courts Administration, the Bank of Israel, the Israel Airports Authority and various forums on the subject of “financial relations in the family”. In addition, she lectured at Ascolot School where she led a course on “The psychology of Couples”.

Graduate of the course: Management of a family business on behalf of Lahav Management Development, the Faculty of Management at Tel Aviv University.

  • Mediator authorized by the Technion on behalf of the Israeli Center for Negotiation and Conflict Resolution.
  • Appointed notary.
  • Member of the Family Court Committee of the Jerusalem District Bar Association.
  • Certified by the Ministry of Justice to conduct continuing power of attorney.
  • She holds a bachelor’s degree in law (LLB) from Tel Aviv University.
Irit Reichman

Hannan Serphos

Director and founder of Minuf Group, founded in 2002 in order to strengthen the social sector in Israel by supporting and consulting social foundations and organizations in various fields, including social justice, equality, pluralism, special needs, technology and medicine, academia and education, and women empowerment.

He Held a number of senior positions in the fields of management, marketing, advertising, public relations and business development in Israel and abroad.

He is a member of the Israel Fund Forum and the Jewish Funders Network.

B.Sc. graduate in Industrial Engineering from the Technion in Haifa and an MBA

From INSEAD in France.

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Hannan Serphos

Yael Walzer

A journalist and media personality for 20 years. Currently, in addition to her work as a journalist, she is the editor of Ynet economic section. Prior to this position, she was the primary interviewer of Lady Globes and an education and magazine articles writer in Yediot Communications.

Yael also worked as a literature teacher and a class teacher at the Ostrovsky High School in Ra’anana from 1984 to 1994.

Yael is the founder of the concept of Generation S, which refers to the new generation of grandparents, focusing on the 50+ age group. She writes and edits magazines on this subject in Yediot Ahronoth, lectures and hosts panels in various organizations.

She has extensive experience in personal interviews (she has conducted thousands of interviews over the years), in documenting and writing personal and familial stories and events, characterized by her unique ability to penetrate the depths of the person’s soul and the extract and document the core issues and all that is most important.

Yael believes in the power of written words to preserve moments, connect people and generations, and the ability and importance of intergenerational stories that keeps moments and values alive for future generations.

She is currently the ghostwriter of one of Israel’s leading lawyers, writing the story of her life and family.

BA graduate in Literature and Education, Tel Aviv University.

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