Reichman Wealth Management is a family office that provides services enabling to diversify investment channels for family capital and family businesses, while also providing a valuable contribution to the benefit of the society and the community.

The firm accompanies its clients with unique professional services, including investment opportunities in the fields of advanced technology, legal services in the field of family law to strengthen the integration of the next generation in the family business. The firm also provides assistance in strategic thinking and implementation and operation of control and management tools.

The firm’s staff works with investment experts who have vast experience in the fields of high-tech, capital and real estate markets.

Lawyers working in the fields of family and inheritance law, family businesses and high-tech, as well as experts engaged in contribution to society and the community.

In addition, the professional service package offered to our clients includes economists, tax experts and directors in public and private companies.


Reichman Wealth Management is directly invested in six start-ups companies, some of which are seed stage and others in more advanced stages, and is well integrated into the eco-system of the Israeli high-tech industry.

It should be noted that an investment made from the firm’s capital in one of the start-up companies yielded a successful exit.

The Family Office serves a wide range of clients in Israel and abroad. It offers unique personal service that is professional, reliable and discrete. The services are offered to all clients and is not subject to the scope of the investment.


Reichman Wealth Management contributes regularly to students who cannot afford funding their academic studies, and contributes funds to those in need of legal aid.

The firm provides its clients with investment channels in the fields of advanced technology and breakthrough innovation that are carefully tailored to the needs of each client.

Potential investments in start-ups in a variety of fields are made accessible to all clients, and the firm’s staff assists each client in decision-making processes.

The firm’s clients receive an overview of innovative fields, such as Advanced Materials, The Internet of Things (IoT), Sensors, Nanotechnology, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Financial Technologies (FinTech), Investment in Crypto Currency, Environment (CleanTech), Advanced Agriculture, Advanced Food Technologies (FoodTech), Green Building, Advertising Technologies (AdTech), and more.


Investments in the community and social areas are also in important part of the investment channels presented to clients. The Family Office encourages business investments in technologies designed to help people with disabilities and improve the quality of life for the elderly.


Reichman Wealth Management is a family office that provides its clients with a unique legal service that includes a range of family law agreements that are adapted to the family structure, to the team leading the family business, a family contract, and assistance relating to inter-generational transfer that strengthens the business and contributes to its long-term stability.

Our Family Office provides various professional services. Among others, we enable to realize the dream of writing and documenting one’s family heritage and provide assistance in composing and publishing it into a book that brings the fascinating personal story to every reader. Our professional writers gather all the details and transform them into a story of excellence as role model and describe the life and the story told in a way that is interesting to the nuclear family, the extended family, as well the public.